DJ Equipment

We hold an ever increasing stock of the latest DJ kit for hire including including Pioneer CDJ NSX2, 2000 Nexus, DJM NSX2, DJM 900 Nexus, Nexus and RMX-1000 Allen and heath Xone:92 and DB4 mixers, Rane’s rotary MP2015 and Technics 1210 mk5G’s.

Pioneer  Have been the market leaders in the Pro DJ market for over 20 years. They have led the way in the CDJ market producing a series of industry standard products. We stock a large range of players, controller’s and mixers. Always updating our stock so we have the latest and most reliable hire stock available to you.

XTA  electronics processors provide the control and processing power behind our sound systems. The represent the industry leaders in their field. With the legendary 4 series processors

NST   Newcomers as a brand but backed up with years of experience and outstanding new software and DSP hardware solutions. These next generation of DSP units have established itself as a firm favourites at Zion audio. We will look to be implementing their products in our installs due to their advanced networking capabilities.