Fire – Club – Install

We have installed one of the largest nightclub complexes in the UK.

Fire Vauxhall, Lightbox and Protocol are located within 10 adjoining railway arches in the heart of Vauxhalls tube and bus stations transport hub. Within the clubs 6 dancefloors we have installed one of the most comprehensive Funktion-one setups it the Uk. Funktion-one’s newest technology has been used to in the main room using the Lastest Evo 3 SH along with F215mk2 and BR121 and F121 Bass. We continue to review and work with the venue to update the systems in the complex. We also supply the club with additional DJ equipment. The club hast hosted nights from promoters such as Viva Warriors, Bedrock, Magna Carta, Saved Records, Solid Steel, Lost, Ram Records and Afterhours Clubs Dawn and Subterranea.

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