Feral Fever stage – Secret Garden party

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We were asked by our Friends at Vortex events to supply a sound system for the Feral Fever stage at Secret Garden Party in 2014. The Brief was simple, to supply a system design to cover a large woodland clearing. The stage is situated on the edge of the festival site so consideration had to be made to any sound directed away from site.

The design was used eight Funkion one AX88 High packs with six F215mk2 Mid bass speakers along with eight F121 horn loaded bass firing into site and utilising four Funktion ones new Bass Reflex BR121 speakers for the stacks directed off site. The system was quad stacked which allowed the system to be ran at a lower level to a traditional two stack system achieving good even SPL across the stage. The skeletal AX88’s provide 60 degree horizontal dispersion and were flown high above the stacks on scaffold frames. This allowed them to be angled down focused onto the dance floor minimising off site spill. The system was powered by Full Fat Audio FFA10000 x 3 and FFA6004 x 2 with XTA processing.

The system performed to great effect with great feedback on the stage from DJ’s and festival goer alike. Best of all is we have been invited back to supply the stage for Vortex in 2015. The stage has been expanded with work being carried out clearing extra space.

We will deploy a six stack system consisting of 12 x AX88, 9 x F215mk2, 12 x F121, 6 x BR121.