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Posted by Fire London on Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fire Night Club – London

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Fire, Lightbox and Protocol club installation Long term Hire

Following supplying the Lightbox with a Funktion one sound system for a one off event we were asked to quote on install and supplying the whole of the Fire and the Lightbox with sound.

The club have hosted Nights for the likes of Bugged out, Bedrock, Mixmag, Solid Steel, Dazed, Magna Carta, Clockwork Orange, Exit Records and Lost since Funktion one was installed and were nominated for best Large UK club and best club series for Fire in session in DJ mag poll in 2014.

The site is three adjoining clubs spread across a series of railway arches in the heart of Vauxhall. Over the two years working with Fire we have consistently update and improved the systems introducing new products from Funktion one as they have become available.

As with all venues in built up areas keeping the music in the venue and designing systems that will minimise bleed to nearby residential dwellings was a must.

Four of the systems on Fire are quad stacked whilst the other two smaller arches with less powerfull systems are two stack.

The Fire main room system consists of four Funktion one Evo 3SH highpacks flow with four F215mk2 in the corners of the arch focused on the dance floor. Six BR121 speakers provide the bass firing across the arch with two F121 directed forward set within the stage. This setup high volume within the room with minimal bleed outside the venue. Funktion one Resolution2 speakers provide monitoring complemented by two Turbosound 2×15 bass reflex bins. Powered by Full Fat Audio Amplifiers and XTA processing.

The Lightbox

Res 3 SH x 4, F215mk 2 x 2, F121 speakers x 6.

Mirror Arch

Res 3SH x 4,F215 x 2,F115mk2 x 2,F218 x 6, F1201 x 4

Fire Bar F118 x 6, F1201 x 4


Res2 x 2, Res 2 SH x 2,Turbosound TSW 121 x 4, F1201 x 2


Res 2H x 2, F218mk2 x 2